Supermarket and retail cleaning

Keeping a supermarket and shopping centre clean and safe for staff and customers feels like a never-ending job.

Cleaning staff often fail to turn up before stores opens. Customers drop drinks and other liquids on the floor, leaving a major spill to clean up when you’re already busy.

That’s when you need a cleaning service that is reliable and can get to you straight away in an emergency – like Cheap 24/7 Cleaning Services!

Our cleaning team has a wealth of experience and expertise in supermarkets, large retail stores and shopping centres in metropolitan Melbourne.

We believe that great service shouldn’t cost a fortune, so we pride ourselves on our cost-effective service, backed up by a 100% guarantee. We are committed to meeting all your – and your customers’ – hygiene and cleaning expectations.

As no supermarket or retail outlet is the same, we develop a customised cleaning program to suit your specific needs.

Your cleaning program

To develop your program, we come out to your premises to assess your requirements.

We consider the:

  • size of your store
  • dimensions of the hallways
  • type of flooring
  • type of lighting
  • specific hygiene and cleanliness requirements
  • cleaning equipment needed for the job
  • time of day that you need cleaning done
  • any extra maintenance requirements, such as floor polishing.

This program can be done daily, weekly or monthly.

Our services

These are just some of the cleaning services we can include in your program:

  • Floor buffing and polishing
  • Floor sweeping and maintenance
  • Dusting and shelf cleaning
  • Specialised cleaning for your particular store (e.g.detailed dusting of store shelves)
  • Cleaning of car parking areas
  • General garbage disposal
  • Disposal of waste in trash bins in parking area

Want to know more?

We cater to our clients 24/7. So whether it’s morning, noon or night, you can give us a call.

Contact us today for a free quote and we can start working on a cleaning program just for you.

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